"…a successful marketing campaign can not ONLY make people more interested in a product, but ALSO, truly, make them enjoy it more"

- The Economist -

About us

Wine Dreamers is a Wine Communication and Marketing company which was founded to support sell out activities.

Our work team includes specialised professionals with expertise and consolidated results.

how we work

Increasing sales and promoting business activities, creating specific projects aimed at boosting sales through careful planning and the use of the most effective tools. These are the strengths of our team, whose work is based on the perfect combination of traditional tools and innovative approaches, to achieve measurable results.

Transparency, Efficiency and Planning are the principles that guide all our operations. WineDreamers is more than a consulting firm, it is the modern answer to the marketing and communication needs of a company. Work optimization is the key to winning the challenges of the modern market, regardless of budgets and planned investments. The strength of WineDreamers is its flexibility, its ability to provide solutions suited to customer needs.

Our Customers are also our Partners, privileged partners. The services provided by WineDreamers are customised based on individual needs and the size of the company requesting them, and include the analysis of marketing and communication policies, a corporate makeover based on the company strategic planning, the management of communication budgets with the optimization of expected results, the organization of events and tastings, programs aimed at improving the visibility of the companies in the Internet, relationship marketing and the integration with trade policies.

  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Optimization of advertising budgets
    Press office
    Market research
    Event organization